Jiangxi Province Commerce Department Visited

The minister of the Commerce Department of Jiangxi Province, Mrs.Xiao, and the director of the Commerce Bureau of Luxi County, Mr.Jin, visited Jiangxi Johnson Electric Co., Ltd for inspection and giving us valuable instructions about our work on March 3th, 2017.
Minister Xiao conveyed provincial government's high attention to the electrical porcelain industry. She encourage the enterprises to 'go out' .'the enterprises should take practical action to capture the market with developing vision and future-oriented thinking', She said, 'the government will work together with the enterprises and do our best to encourage and support the enterprises to obtain their places in the international market.


About us


    Basic overview of the company: The company is located in the largest China porcelain production base - Pingxiang City. Company registered capital of 30.78 million

    Main business of the company: The main product have Porcelain insulators, HV & LT Transformer bushing, Glass insulator , Polymer insulator , Electric fitting,Ceramic industry, Mechanical equipment, Metal materials, Electrical equipment and Accessories, pressure distribution service and technical advice, domestic and foreign trade.

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